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The Norstan, Inc. Advantage

The Norstan Advantage

Norstan, Inc. is a job shop manufacturer with over 37 years experience meeting our customers demanding specifications

From a high-tech standpoint, Norstan, Inc. uses what's new, but we also keep a eye out for what's next. We constantly upgrade our equipment and spend effort, time and money on research and development to seek even better solutions for our strategic partners. One example of innovation in action is our ability to take parts that were previously made from screw machines and converts them to our cold heading process. This technological advance affords many advantages. It strengthens the rivet through cold heading, while reducing lead-times, improving quality and saving you money.

We are also working with innovative, high-tech, monitoring equipment with the capability of shutting down a process or notifying us when the first part does not meet specifications. This allows us to make immediate corrections. It also assures less waste, cost and scrap.

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