Stainless Magnesium and What it Means for the Future of Manufacturing

automobiles,autos,cars,transportation,automotive corrosion resistant materialsMagnesium alloys have long been favored for their strong yet lightweight properties. They are also easy to work with in manufacturing processes including die casting. The main drawback to the material is its susceptibility to corrosion. This presents a challenge for many industries in which corrosion resistance is crucial – including the automotive and aerospace sectors.

Recently, however, researchers have found that adding some arsenic to the alloy seems to “poison” the reactions that normally cause magnesium alloy corrosion. Specifically, by adding about one third of a percent of arsenic to the alloy, corrosion in a salt solution was reduced by a factor of about 10. The application is referred to as cathodic poisoning.

With the corrosion issue now under wraps, this opens the door to using newer alloys – stainless magnesium – in mainstream transportation functions. Though magnesium was commonly used for race car production in the 1920s, its use has declined due to its application-based weaknesses. But with a corrosion-resistant formulation, it’s very possible that we’ll see magnesium alloys regain a market segment that has since been taken over by other lightweight metals, including aluminum.

It will be interesting to watch as new manufacturing processes are developed to accommodate an even lighter, stronger, and more corrosion-resistant material for automotive and aerospace manufacturing. The breakthrough could lead to safer, more efficient transportation vehicles that can more easily weather the effects of the outside environment.

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See What’s New at Norstan in 2014

Click to enlargeIt’s been a great year for us at Norstan, and as we begin 2014, we’re excited to announce some new developments at our company. Keeping in line with our strategy for growth, we continue to expand in size and capabilities.

In terms of our facility, we’ve been able to add an additional 1,500 square feet to our tool room. This provides much more space for new equipment purchases that will allow us to better serve our customers. We’ve also added a new secondary operations department that enables quick turnaround for prototyping jobs and small production runs.

Norstan Inc. has also added an on-site tool designer who is experienced in designing progressive and compound dies. This extensive background benefits our customers, who will receive the highest quality, manufacturability, and cost efficiency of part orders.

And to further enhance our service offerings, Norstan has added new presses (up to 75 tons) and WIRE EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) capability in-house. This allows us to build, maintain, and repair tooling quickly and efficiently. For our clients, this means getting products to market sooner, since small production requirements can be made more rapidly in the WIRE EDM. The process uses electric discharges to remove material from an object or sheet of metal, which creates a desired shape from the original workpiece.

As always, Norstan remains committed to designing, building and maintaining tooling. We work hard to minimize tool building costs and maximize tool productivity. Learn more about some of our past work and feel free to contact us for additional information.

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Norstan Inc. Enters the Social Space with a New Blog Presence

Solid Rivet Electrical Contacts

Solid Rivet Electrical Contacts

For more than three decades, Norstan Inc. has been continuously growing and finding new ways to serve our customers. Now, we have taken the next step forward by establishing a social media presence that includes a new blog. This will allow us to provide informative posts for customers and prospects while keeping followers up-to-date with company news and announcements.

Since our inception, Norstan has served as a trusted supplier of quality precision electrical contacts and assemblies. We work with customers throughout the design and manufacturing process to ensure that end-products best serve their intended purposes.

Our products keep electrical energy moving in all types of products. We serve very diverse industries, including aerospace, automotive, appliances, and controls (such as switches and thermostats), among others. We even support government and military projects, including manufacturing parts for satellites, submarines, and surveillance equipment.

Our electrical contacts vary according to their function. We’re capable of providing brazed composite rivet electrical contacts, tungsten rivet electrical contacts, and more. And size

isn’t an issue; we manufacture pieces smaller than a penny, with no minimum order size to worry about.

Norstan is always on the look-out for new trends and opportunities. We also strive to constantly look forward and anticipate the next wave of technological innovation. In keeping with this theme, we’ve recently added new machinery to our operations. Check back next month for full details on our new addition and how it will benefit our manufacturing process.

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