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Solid and Composite Weld Buttons and Discs

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Solid and Composite Weld Buttons and Discs

Solid and composite weld buttons and discs are contacts with no shank. Buttons are brazed or welded to another part, whereas disks are welded or brazed to a backing. Norstan, Inc. makes buttons and disks out of a variety of materials. Our various configurations can be utilized in a broad range of applications.


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Why Choose A Composite Over A Solid? Composite contacts are chosen over solid to save money on the precious metal that is replaced with copper. Norstan can work with customers to predict if it is a good choice for their application.
Weld Buttons and Discs Applications  Click to enlarge
Weld Buttons and Discs Applications
  • AC/DC Power Supplies
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Interlocks
  • Relays
  • Thermostats
  • Timers
Materials Stainless Steel, Copper, Beryllium Copper, Phosbronze, Brass, Cadmium*, Gold, Indium*, Nickel, Palladium, Platinum, Ruthenium*, Silver, Steel, Tungsten and Iridium*.

*Denotes materials typically alloyed with other materials.
Finish Plain, Brass, Nickel, Passivated, Zinc, Black Zinc, Yellow Zinc, Clear Zinc and Black Oxide.
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Flat Face Solid Weld Buttons/Discs
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Radius Face Solid Weld Buttons/Discs
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Flat Bi-Metal Weld Buttons/Discs
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Radius Bi-Metal Weld Buttons/Discs
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Tri-Projection Weld Buttons/Discs
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Solid and Composite Discs

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More Information

Equipment List Over 50 cold headers, more than a dozen stamping presses - 5 to 50 ton press capability, 5 production in line welders and 4 manual welders.
Industries Served Aerospace Industry, Appliances, Automotive Industry, Electro-Mechanical Industry, Elevators, Government and Military Projects, Industrial Controls Industry, Motor Controls Industry and Toys.
Client List A.O. Smith, Cooper Bussmann, Danaher Controls, Eaton, Federal Signal, General Electric, Grimes Aerospace, Honeywell, Illinois Tool Works, ITT, Johnson Controls, Johnson Matthey, The Lear Corporation, MSD, Pollak Engineered Products, Robert Bosch, Struthers-Dunn, Thyssenkrupp Elevator, TRW Automotive Electronics, Tyco, Visteon Systems and Whirlpool.
Secondary Services
  • Assembly Operations
  • Coating
  • Coining
  • Heat Treating
  • No Prototyping - Will Create Samples On Demand
  • Plating
  • Welding
  • Thread Rolling

Five Critical Points

  1. Customer Service Responsiveness: There is a single focal point to our unique customer service team orientation - communication. We stay in constant contact with our customers to provide the fastest possible response times to your questions and concerns.
  2. Aggressive Lead-Time/Delivery Performance: Where lead-time and delivery are concerned, Norstan stands apart from others in two ways. First is the huge effort we make to come through regarding the lead-times we quote you initially. Second, we are always working to reduce lead-times and respond to your priority needs.
  3. Engineering Excellence: Norstan's experienced engineers generate serious energy when it comes to meeting your new design specifications, or refining existing ones. The ability to reconfigure your designs and make them more efficient and cost effective is a special capability.
  4. Complete Quality Assurance: Few things are more important than quality. Performance relies on it, lives sometimes depend on it, certainly our reputation rests on it and so does yours. This is why we literally do everything in our power to publish and adhere to meticulous workmanship standards. We get our equipment, technology and processes as close to perfection as possible to eliminate any sub-standard parts.
  5. Higher-Tech and Innovation: Norstan uses what's new from a high-tech standpoint, but we also keep an eye out for what's next. We are also working with innovative monitoring equipment with the capability of shutting down a process or notifying us when the first part does not meet specifications. This allows us to make immediate corrections. It also assures less waste, cost and scrap.


Norstan is a ISO 9000:2000 certificated company.

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