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Auto-Wire & Tape Weld Electrical Contact Welding Process


Tape Weld

Mitsubishi Wire Cut System
Model MV1200R
Max Workpiece 810mm x 700mm x 215mm
Max Wire Burn Area 400mm x 300mm x 215mm
Max Taper Angle 15° Standard
Ability to Burn up to 25° in Specific Conditions
Wire Diameters .1mm - .3mm
4 Axis Capable
Latest Wire Burn Technology

The auto-wire weld assembly process develops a metallurgical bond between the precious metal piece (wire) and Substrate (Terminal).  The weld can be achieved horizontally or vertically.  The amount of precious metal utilized for the finished good can be reduced significantly because overall contact height can be achieved by embossing the substrate (Terminal) to some specific thickness.  The most critical limitation for wire weld assemblies is the contact size diameter.  Also, only alloys, pure metal, and silver nickel manufacture by powder metallurgical process can be welded presently to substrates.  No silver cadmium oxide or tin oxide materials.  Set up times and production rates are excellent for quoting.


Tape weld assemblies also develop a metallurgical bond between tape weld projection and substrate (Terminal). Tapes can have various profile geometries to reduced significantly the amount of precious metal utilized for the finished good.  The base material of the profile tape will have an integral impact on the ability of the device to dissipate heat thru the operating members.  Profile tapes typically consist of a weldable section attached to the precious metal.  Typically, the base of the tape consists of a low conductivity material like nickel-plated steel or copper alloys with very low conductivities.  This is required to achieve the metallurgical bond between tape and substrates.  The beauty of tape weld assemblies is the intriguing shape achieve to reduce the amount of precious metal such as gold and palladium alloy to almost a dot.  The profile weld tape assemblies are widely used in an application where packaging is very small like telecommunication and medical application. Set up times and production rates are as good as those for wire weld assemblies.

Each specific project needs to be review with customers to determine the best course of action, by far wire weld and auto staking assemblies are the most cost-effective process, but the unique shapes for manufacturing profile tapes can provide sometimes significant advantages where packaging constraints requirements must be met.

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