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image of connected dots with text overlay how to connect with high-quality electrical contact supplier

Key Factors When Choosing an Electrical Contact Supplier

When it comes to electricity, a strong connection makes everything go. Current flows unimpeded, like a superhighway of electrons, and your machine works efficiently. It’s no different when you’re selecting an electrical contact supplier. A partner with the right capabilities and qualities can energize your project and can result in a successful switch design. But…
image of failed toy rocket with text overlay common failure scenarios for electrical contacts

The Most Common Failure Scenarios for Electrical Contacts

Often, when a product or component fails, it’s because it wasn’t adequately designed for the environment or the application in which it was used. Think of the O-rings on the boosters of the Challenger Space Shuttle, which were never designed to survive a launch in cold weather. Or the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, which…