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Custom Electrical Contact Manufacturing



Metal Stamping

Metal can be bent & trimmed to customers' unique specs - ranging from 0.003 to 0.093 in.

Norstan Brazing Photo

Furnace & Resistance Brazing

Furnace brazing creates a bond between two metals together under controlled conditions.

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Electrical Contact Rivets

Custom manufacturer of precision cold forged, formed & headed parts including tubular rivets

Welding Spark

Resistance Welding

We offer a variety of welding processes, from resistance and in-line welds to wire and tape

Norstan Assembly Worker

Added Value Manufacturing

We are passionate about customer care. Here are just a few services we add to save you.

Our Specialty Markets

Our parts are inside almost every type of electromechanical device made.

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Aerospace pilot and co-pilot in cockpit


Appliance motor


Industrial Control Panel on Machine

Industrial Controls

Let's Engineer Your Success Story

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