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Added Value

We are passionate about customer care. Here are just a few services we add to save you time and money within your production process and ensure you are 100% totally satisfied.

  • Resistance weld and brazing
  • Orbital staking
  • Manual staking
  • Semi-automatic and hand assembly operations offer cost-effective alternatives for intermediate volume applications that cannot support the high cost of full automation.

In addition to providing you with extensive product and materials application expertise, Norstan Inc. also brings complete control to your program development cycle by providing a fully integrated tool design and build capabilities for your stamping and cold headed part requirements. We have in place manufacturing processes for the fabrication of auto-staked and auto-welded contact assemblies.

Questions about Metals? Norstan is dedicated to assist you with your most complex design and specifications.

Hard Silver Ag [97-98%], CuNi -General application relays.  The copper and nickel contents give hardness. Long contact life, but tends to oxidize at higher temperatures.

Silver Nickel AgNi -A good standard contact material.  It is more resistant to welding at high loads than hard silver.  Has high burnout resistance.

Silver Cadmium Oxide AgCdO –It is more resistant to welding at high switching current "peaks" so is used for high AC loads. Not recommended for strong DC breaking arcs because of the wear this creates.

Silver Tin Oxide AgSnO2 -Material is more resistant to welding at high making current peaks due to the tin oxide. Has a very high burn out resistance when switching high loads. Low degree of material migration under DC loads. Useful where very high inrush currents occur. Silver Tin Oxide is frequently chosen as the replacement relay contact material for Silver Cadmium Oxide which is more harmful.

Silver Tin Indium AgSnOinO -Similar to Silver Tin Oxide but more resistant to inrush.

Tungsten W -More resistant to welding at high loads than hard silver, with high burnout resistance.

Gold Plating 10µm Au -Used for switching low loads > 1mA/100mV. The plating will be removed by friction and erosion after around 1 million switching cycles in "dry circuits".

Gold Plating / Flash 3µm Au -Same qualities as 10µm Au but is less durable. It is generally used to prevent corrosion / oxidation of relay contacts during storage.


Our Promise

100% Customer Satisfaction

Every customer is an "A" customer... Always! We are committed to eliminate errors at every stage of the product design, development and manufacturing process. 


Continuously seek new technologies and new ways to improve processes. Our team members are rewarded for innovative ideas. 

Knowledgeable and Responsive Team

Our team of members love working at Norstan. Most of our team has worked at Norstan for 15+ years. 

Continuous Waste Reduction

We are proud of our environment-conscious manufacturing practices, energy usage and waste reduction.

3 Things You Should Know About Us

Continually focused on reducing our customers’ costs

At the core, our strategic planning process is centered around cost effectively setting priorities and allocating manpower, budgets, and all resources.


Committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations, and quality control

To meet customer requirements and continuously improve

From our customers’ perspective, we continually audit and review all our processes to continually improve, and manage/mitigate risks.

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We care about our environment

Dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact and footprint. We are proud of our environment-conscious manufacturing practices, energy usage and waste reduction. We are conflict mineral and RoHs compliant.

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